Tuesday, June 21, 2016


     Hideaways are the most basic of all combat based cosmic anomalies, easily completed with even a tech 1 fitted combat frigate. They come in two varieties, one with a bunker an another with a radar tower.
     The main difference between these versions is the distance you land at when you warp into the site. Hideaways featuring the bunker will see you landing at 10-15 kilometers from the npcs, sites featuring the radar tower will have a warp in 25-30 kilometers from the npcs. Beyond the starting distance there is little that changes between variations, each site will spawn waves 1-3 npc frigates after each previous spawn is destroyed.
     This will continue until the site is completed and while most sites end without event there are two rare events that can happen when a Hideaway is completed. The first we will cover is a faction commander npc spawning at the site. A message may appear in local and the final wave will include a npc with a prefix related to their faction before it's name. These prefixes are Sentient, Dark Blood, Shadow Serpentis, Domination, Dread Guristas, and True Sansha . Below is what a Domination spawn looks like.
     These commander npcs feature higher bounties a chance to drop faction loot and the ability to be salvaged for materials to build tech 2 rigs. Faction loot can vary from valuable to nearly worthless but given the short amount of time it takes to complete these sites it's always worth looking to see what has dropped. Below is a screenshot of a nice drop from a hideaway site.
     The other event that may happen is an escalation to a site normally found as a cosmic signature. Should this happen you will receive a notice informing you about the escalation and a bookmark in your journal that will allow you to warp to directly to the site any time before the escalation expires. These escalations cannot be scanned down by other players and so will not be found before you get there, however players can scan down the site once you are inside it by scanning down your ship so take caution should your expedition take you into less secure space.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

What are Cosmic Anomalies?

     Cosmic Anomalies are sites in space that can be warped to from your sensor overlay or probe scanner(Press Alt P to bring up your probe scanner). They can range from ore sites with rare asteroids to a wide range of pve encounters with npcs of all difficulty levels. The sites fought over for control of systems in faction warfare as well as faction warfare missions are also special cosmic anomalies with beacons that can be seen on your overview. Cosmic anomalies do not need to be scanned down with probes, you may warp to them at any time by right clicking on them in your probe scanner.

     Make sure you have the show anomalies box crossed off while looking for these sites otherwise the probe scanner will only display cosmic signatures.

1 Million Skill points hub post

     Welcome to the 1 million skill points hub post, here you will find guides and reference material created by and for new pilots in EVE Online. Everything linked in this post has been researched and completed using a pilot with less than 1 million skill points. Anything found here can be done by players within their first week of trying eve online. However these are not merely guides for new pilots, anyone can benefit from the mechanics knowledge that allows a low skill point frigate to achieve what many will not attempt without months of experience.

New Player Basics
Income and basic ships for new players
What to train first?

Mechanics Guides
Infographics Album
Effective Turrets

Cosmic Anomalies
What are Cosmic Anomalies

Cosmic Signatures

Agent Missions

Belt Ratting



Monday, June 13, 2016

Skill Point Total

     So less than 8 days into training skills and here we are. I've stopped training skills for now and will continue with the current 996,388 Skill points. From here on out guides and posts will be using tactics, strategy, and knowledge rather than ever accumulating power. Anything that follow with the "1 million skill points" tag is something any pilot is capable of in less than one weeks training.

     The bulk of this training was more than 400,000 skill points in gunnery. I'm a fan of defensive ships, however at this point in a pilot's career training for defenses will leave you in a ship can't get anything done or worse just dies slowly. You can compensate for your lower raw defenses by using active piloting to evade and out range threats, but no amount of piloting can turn meta guns into tech 2.

     You don't have to pick the weapons your background started with, despite starting as an Amarr pilot I've chosen to skill into tech 2 projectile weapons. This isn't some random choice however projectile turrets are easy to fit and use no capacitor to fire. This in part frees a projectile user from the burdens of the traditional core skills such as capacitor and engineering skills.

     There are disadvantages to projectiles, they have the longest reload times and rely on their variable damage rather than raw dps. Take a moment to make sure you have the right munitions before you undock, this is true to a lesser extent for all weapons. If you're curious as to the exact details of what I trained for weapons here's a screenshot of my humble gunnery skills.
     I've also got Minmatar frigate 4, destroyer 3, and weapons upgrades 4 to unlock tech 2 damage modules. With the basics covered now it's time to move on to what we can do with a mere weeks training. Future posts will begin covering content you can explore for profit and entertainment, with a focus on active play and the advantages it can grant you over minimalist piloting and near afk play.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

800k sp toy, The Rifter

     Moving away from the tutorials now that I've unlocked some tech 2 weapons I thought I'd put together a few ships for exploration and roaming about. Both ships have a probe launcher and analyzer fit as well as being combat capable. This facilitates a free lifestyle where you can roam about scanning down and completing most sites you find, at least in hi-sec.

     First up is the frigate, this one showcases a permanently running armor tank that repairs 120 hit points every cycle. This makes use of a small capacitor battery to greatly increase the base capacitor of your ship. While I don't often advocate fitting for cap stability since on larger ships it often consumes many fitting slots, getting it for a single slot is almost too good to pass up. If you're interested in more handy tricks always bring 16 probes instead of just 8, this way your launcher will reload itself automatically every time you launch probes.

     What follows is the fit as an example, if you're not to familiar with the capacitor click Here to see a basic guide. This all fits and is online with my current 800,000 skill points. While there will be a post covering what skills I choose to train once I hit 1 million, I can say at this moment I have not trained any extra fitting skills or capacitor skills. While nice things to have as you move up in ship classes you can work around limited fitting space as a new pilot by making the right choices in fitting.

Small Armor Repairer II
Counterbalanced Compact Gyrostabilizer
200mm Rolled Tungsten Compact Plates

Data Analyzer I
1MN Monopropellant Enduring Afterburner
Small Compact Pb-Acid Cap Battery

Core Probe Launcher I
200mm AutoCannon II
200mm AutoCannon II
200mm AutoCannon II

Small Projectile Burst Aerator I
Small Auxiliary Nano Pump I
Small Auxiliary Nano Pump I

Hail S x1640
Phased Plasma S x3000
Core Scanner Probe I x8
Barrage S x9550
Fusion S x741

     The, data analyzer is offline in this picture to showcase the cap stability. You won't be using that while fighting, and it only uses 20 or the remaining 44+ cpu so I assure it's all online and operational while in space. As a reminder about rigs, you can fit them without the skills but you will suffer from the full penalty. Thanks to auto cannons low fitting this inst a problem for me despite power grid heavy modules like a 200mm armor plate and the capacitor battery.

     While I'll cover weapons in greater detail with a future post, I highly favor projectiles for new players. Easy fitting and no cap consumption both take a load off your needs as a new pilot letting you focus your training in other areas. As for the ship's performance in combat, it has no issue with cosmic anomalies up to refuges. I've yet to get a chance to test it in a den, however it handled several combat cosmic signatures as well.

     Expect future posts to cover the tactics used to complete these sites as well as what you can find in them.. Maneuver is a vital part of combat in eve online,  I've got an afterburner fit to this little beast and it sees near constant use. Use keep at range to apply the most damage against small targets, and orbit to evade fire from larger ships. If you're starting to get overwhelmed double click in space to manually fly your ship in that direction, or warp off. It's okay to run away, live and learn.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Effective turrets and the 500sp powerhouse

     It's time to start talking about ships, this time about combat ships. For combat ships the ability to deal damage is one of their most basic functions and effective turrets is the simplest metric by which you can compare the firepower of different ships. While some ships may be able to launch a few drones or have a secondary weapon, for new players a ships effectiveness with it's primary weapons is more important.

     Most combat ships have bonus that increase their effectiveness in various areas. In the case of combat ships we can find their effective turrets by adjusting their number of turrets by this bonus. Below we have an image comparing two combat frigates, the Amarr Punisher and the Caldari Merlin.

     So how do these ships stack up against each other in terms of firepower? The Merlin has a 5% damage bonus per a level and 3 turrets. If you had Caldari frigate at level 5, you would get a full 25% damage boost to your hybrid turrets. This would give the ship 3.75 effective turrets for an investment of 512,000 skill points. That's a big investment in training time when you are a new player, twice what it takes to get a tech 2 small turret system.

     How about the Punisher? Well it doesn't have a damage bonus, it does however come with 4 turret slots. This means for the mere 500 skill points it takes to sit in the ship you get the full 4 effective turrets, more offensive firepower than a fully skilled Merlin in just a few minutes.

     As you advance in skills and start bringing more tech 2 weapons and support systems online comparison's like this become more complex. However if you're just starting out, or still new enough to not have a frigate skill to level 5 you can increase the offensive firepower of your guns in mere minutes by boarding a Punisher. The effective turrets isn't the only selling point of the Punisher, with five low slots and tremendous power grid it's got excellent defensive ability as well as room for weapons upgrades.

     It's not the perfect ship however, it doesn't have a spare high slot for probes, so if you're looking to do some exploring you might want to pick a different ship since stripping out a turret leaves it weaker than the Merlin no matter the skill level. If you are going to begin training into a ship, as a new player I'm going to recommend you skill into destroyers not frigates.

     Both skills have a 2X modifier and take 512,000 skill points to get to level 5, however getting a destroyer to 5 will allow you to use your chosen factions tactical destroyer. These powerful tech 3 destroyers are versatile ships with near cruiser level abilities. If nothing else the tech 1 destroyers have powerful hull bonuses and excellent offensive firepower. Below you can find a list of the tech 1 gunship destroyers.

Amarr (Energy turrets)
Coercer +50% Optimal range, 8 effective turrets. 10% Tracking speed and reduced capacitor use per a level.

Caldari (Hybrid turrets)
Cormorant +50% Optimal range, 7 effective turrets. 10% Optimal range and tracking per a level.

Gallente (Hybrid turrets)
Catalyst +50% Optimal range, 8 effective turrets. 10% Falloff and tracking per a level.

Minmatar (Projectile turrets)
Thrasher +50% Optimal range, 7(8.75) effective turrets. 10% tracking and 5% damage per a level.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Collect your freebies and grab your guns.

     So you've just started out, now how do you get on the fast track to having some basic funds and equipment? The quickest path for a player with nothing is to do the Military and Advanced Military career agents. Now in a previous post we have covered how to bring up these agents be clicking the career advancement option in the help menu. (Press F12 to activate the help menu)

     What was not mentioned is that there are 3 sets of career agents for every faction. Each completion of the serious will see you finishing with a set of basic modules some ammo 2 frigates and 1 destroyer hull. As well as some random rewards and loot that you sell or keep. Here is what I was left with after keeping one ship and selling the rest of the equipment from one set missions. If you were to complete all of the military career agents you could expect to come away with a dozen basically fitted ships and around 48million isk.

      If you want to do some of the other career agent arcs, open up your map with F10, type the system name into the search field and set that as your destination to navigate to another set. What follows is a picture of the map control panel and a list of the career agent arc systems.

Amarr (Energy Turrets)

Caldari (Hybrid Turrets)

Gallente (Hybrid Turrets)

Minmatar (Projectile Turrets)

      So grab yourself some basic equipment and grow more familiar with the game. If you're already happy with where you are I'll see you next time where I plan to cover some more technical aspects of game play. As those skill points keep ticking away soon it will be important to know what ships will work best for you while you are new.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

The first adventure, 1 million skill points

     Skill points are the heart of character progression in eve online, this is what a brand new pilot starts with. While covering a wide variety of the basics, those 408,995 points don't offer many opportunities to new players beyond giving them room to grow. Once you begin training skills your pilot will constantly accumulate more skill points even when you are logged off.

     This post will be the first in a series offering the guidance needed to survive and thrive while still new in eve online. This series is about actively playing the game, being successful and enjoying your time in the universe from day one. During this entire series I will be using a pilot with no more than 1,000,000 skill points. Everything that follows will be things you too can do in your first days or weeks of playing eve online. So where to start, what skill should you train? I'm going to recommend weapons, specifically getting access to a tech 2 small gunnery weapon system first.

     Tech two weapons while slightly harder to equip on a ship are statistically superior to their tech 1 counterparts. Superior base statistics aren't all you get with tech 2 weapons for the guns you also get access to the advanced ammunition. Better weapons and better ammo might be a good enough sell for some but maybe you're curios why a gunnery weapon system?

     Skill points is the answer, the picture above shows the amount of skill points required to train a 1x skill to level five. For 256,000 skill points you can unlock a tech 2 gunnery system, that is a very short train for such a leap in power and versatility. Unlocking tech 2 light drones requires training two 1 x skills costing 512,000 skill points, rockets require that same amount of skill points as light drones. However Light missiles require training 2x skill and a 1x skill costing 768,000 skill points to use.

     Getting in on the action in half the time or less is too good to pass up on, but if you're not sure which weapon system to pick take a look at these guides.

Energy Turrets
Hybrid Turrets
Projectile Turrets

     It's okay to change weapon systems, training the final level of a skill takes more skill points than all other levels combined. If you have not started training a system to 5, you're not wasting all that much if you decide to change.

     So get those guns training and finish following along with aura if you haven't already, then swing by your career agents to earn some starter funds while getting more familiar with the bare bones mechanics of the game. If you haven't done your career agent's yet, press F12 and click on the following button.

 I recommend the military agents given the nature of this series, so get out there and start enjoying the game.