Saturday, June 4, 2016

Collect your freebies and grab your guns.

     So you've just started out, now how do you get on the fast track to having some basic funds and equipment? The quickest path for a player with nothing is to do the Military and Advanced Military career agents. Now in a previous post we have covered how to bring up these agents be clicking the career advancement option in the help menu. (Press F12 to activate the help menu)

     What was not mentioned is that there are 3 sets of career agents for every faction. Each completion of the serious will see you finishing with a set of basic modules some ammo 2 frigates and 1 destroyer hull. As well as some random rewards and loot that you sell or keep. Here is what I was left with after keeping one ship and selling the rest of the equipment from one set missions. If you were to complete all of the military career agents you could expect to come away with a dozen basically fitted ships and around 48million isk.

      If you want to do some of the other career agent arcs, open up your map with F10, type the system name into the search field and set that as your destination to navigate to another set. What follows is a picture of the map control panel and a list of the career agent arc systems.

Amarr (Energy Turrets)

Caldari (Hybrid Turrets)

Gallente (Hybrid Turrets)

Minmatar (Projectile Turrets)

      So grab yourself some basic equipment and grow more familiar with the game. If you're already happy with where you are I'll see you next time where I plan to cover some more technical aspects of game play. As those skill points keep ticking away soon it will be important to know what ships will work best for you while you are new.

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