Tuesday, June 21, 2016


     Hideaways are the most basic of all combat based cosmic anomalies, easily completed with even a tech 1 fitted combat frigate. They come in two varieties, one with a bunker an another with a radar tower.
     The main difference between these versions is the distance you land at when you warp into the site. Hideaways featuring the bunker will see you landing at 10-15 kilometers from the npcs, sites featuring the radar tower will have a warp in 25-30 kilometers from the npcs. Beyond the starting distance there is little that changes between variations, each site will spawn waves 1-3 npc frigates after each previous spawn is destroyed.
     This will continue until the site is completed and while most sites end without event there are two rare events that can happen when a Hideaway is completed. The first we will cover is a faction commander npc spawning at the site. A message may appear in local and the final wave will include a npc with a prefix related to their faction before it's name. These prefixes are Sentient, Dark Blood, Shadow Serpentis, Domination, Dread Guristas, and True Sansha . Below is what a Domination spawn looks like.
     These commander npcs feature higher bounties a chance to drop faction loot and the ability to be salvaged for materials to build tech 2 rigs. Faction loot can vary from valuable to nearly worthless but given the short amount of time it takes to complete these sites it's always worth looking to see what has dropped. Below is a screenshot of a nice drop from a hideaway site.
     The other event that may happen is an escalation to a site normally found as a cosmic signature. Should this happen you will receive a notice informing you about the escalation and a bookmark in your journal that will allow you to warp to directly to the site any time before the escalation expires. These escalations cannot be scanned down by other players and so will not be found before you get there, however players can scan down the site once you are inside it by scanning down your ship so take caution should your expedition take you into less secure space.

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