Monday, June 13, 2016

Skill Point Total

     So less than 8 days into training skills and here we are. I've stopped training skills for now and will continue with the current 996,388 Skill points. From here on out guides and posts will be using tactics, strategy, and knowledge rather than ever accumulating power. Anything that follow with the "1 million skill points" tag is something any pilot is capable of in less than one weeks training.

     The bulk of this training was more than 400,000 skill points in gunnery. I'm a fan of defensive ships, however at this point in a pilot's career training for defenses will leave you in a ship can't get anything done or worse just dies slowly. You can compensate for your lower raw defenses by using active piloting to evade and out range threats, but no amount of piloting can turn meta guns into tech 2.

     You don't have to pick the weapons your background started with, despite starting as an Amarr pilot I've chosen to skill into tech 2 projectile weapons. This isn't some random choice however projectile turrets are easy to fit and use no capacitor to fire. This in part frees a projectile user from the burdens of the traditional core skills such as capacitor and engineering skills.

     There are disadvantages to projectiles, they have the longest reload times and rely on their variable damage rather than raw dps. Take a moment to make sure you have the right munitions before you undock, this is true to a lesser extent for all weapons. If you're curious as to the exact details of what I trained for weapons here's a screenshot of my humble gunnery skills.
     I've also got Minmatar frigate 4, destroyer 3, and weapons upgrades 4 to unlock tech 2 damage modules. With the basics covered now it's time to move on to what we can do with a mere weeks training. Future posts will begin covering content you can explore for profit and entertainment, with a focus on active play and the advantages it can grant you over minimalist piloting and near afk play.

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