Thursday, June 2, 2016

The first adventure, 1 million skill points

     Skill points are the heart of character progression in eve online, this is what a brand new pilot starts with. While covering a wide variety of the basics, those 408,995 points don't offer many opportunities to new players beyond giving them room to grow. Once you begin training skills your pilot will constantly accumulate more skill points even when you are logged off.

     This post will be the first in a series offering the guidance needed to survive and thrive while still new in eve online. This series is about actively playing the game, being successful and enjoying your time in the universe from day one. During this entire series I will be using a pilot with no more than 1,000,000 skill points. Everything that follows will be things you too can do in your first days or weeks of playing eve online. So where to start, what skill should you train? I'm going to recommend weapons, specifically getting access to a tech 2 small gunnery weapon system first.

     Tech two weapons while slightly harder to equip on a ship are statistically superior to their tech 1 counterparts. Superior base statistics aren't all you get with tech 2 weapons for the guns you also get access to the advanced ammunition. Better weapons and better ammo might be a good enough sell for some but maybe you're curios why a gunnery weapon system?

     Skill points is the answer, the picture above shows the amount of skill points required to train a 1x skill to level five. For 256,000 skill points you can unlock a tech 2 gunnery system, that is a very short train for such a leap in power and versatility. Unlocking tech 2 light drones requires training two 1 x skills costing 512,000 skill points, rockets require that same amount of skill points as light drones. However Light missiles require training 2x skill and a 1x skill costing 768,000 skill points to use.

     Getting in on the action in half the time or less is too good to pass up on, but if you're not sure which weapon system to pick take a look at these guides.

Energy Turrets
Hybrid Turrets
Projectile Turrets

     It's okay to change weapon systems, training the final level of a skill takes more skill points than all other levels combined. If you have not started training a system to 5, you're not wasting all that much if you decide to change.

     So get those guns training and finish following along with aura if you haven't already, then swing by your career agents to earn some starter funds while getting more familiar with the bare bones mechanics of the game. If you haven't done your career agent's yet, press F12 and click on the following button.

 I recommend the military agents given the nature of this series, so get out there and start enjoying the game.

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